Angela Eastman to Serve as Judge in ABA's Mediation Competition.

Updated: Aug 20

Angela Eastman, JD, LLM, MCM from Pacific Apex Law Group will be serving as a judge in the American Bar Association's Mediation Competition on April 9th.

The competition introduces law student participants to the challenges of representing clients in mediation. The judging criteria reward those participants who use an effective combination of (i) advocacy and (ii) problem-solving. Advocacy in mediation means that lawyers should advocate for their client’s interests with the mediator.

Problem-solving in mediation means that the negotiating attorneys must learn about each other’s clients’ interests and BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement), use objective standards, brainstorm options, and select and shape a solution that meets their interests. Participants must balance their clients’ interests with the goal of achieving an effective settlement.

Angela's knowledge and experience in the mediation realm makes her an outstanding judge for this competition. Her insights and feedback will provide superior guidance to the contestants.

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