Department of Veterans Affairs Appoints Pete Peters a VA-Accredited Attorney for Veterans' Benefits

Updated: Aug 20

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) appointed Pete Peters as a VA-accredited attorney for veterans' benefits in September 2020. VA-accredited attorneys are recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs as legally authorized and capable of assisting claimants in pursuing benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA accreditation program exists to ensure that Veterans and their family members understand VA benefits and receive appropriate representation while pursuing VA benefits claims. VA-accredited attorneys are legally authorized to represent veterans, servicemembers, dependents, and survivors before the Department of Veterans Affairs for a number of VA benefits including, but not limited to, disability compensation and dependency and indemnity compensation.

If you are a veteran, servicemember, dependent or survivor in need of VA benefits assistance, then please contact Pete at (888) 609-8718 for a free consultation. As a proud veteran himself, Pete is ready and happy to assist you.

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