Employment Law and Independent Providers – What You Need to Know

Recently, a pediatric medical practice in Florida was forced to pay $50,000 along with other relief to settle an employee retaliation case.[1] The case was brought by the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and stemmed from an employee’s claim that she was sexually harassed by a physician and when she reported the incident, she was moved to a different work location causing her hardship. As part of the settlement, the EEOC required the medical practice to amend its retaliation policy. A statement by Evangeline Hawthorne, the EEOC Office field director for Tampa, encouraged other employers to “review their policies and practices to ensure employees’ rights will be protected when they report inappropriate conduct.”

This case highlights the importance of every medical office establishing, maintaining, and updating their employee policies. Pacific Apex Law Group has the necessary resources and tools to assist medical offices and facilities develop a comprehensive employee manual or to update a current manual that ensures compliance with federal and state laws.

If you are a healthcare provider or organization in need of health law counsel or advice related to employee rights, employment policies and manuals, appropriate responses to and support after a harm event or dispute resolution strategies, please contact Pacific Apex Law Group at (888) 609-8718. Our Health Care and Life Sciences practice group is looking forward to speaking with you.

[1] https://www.eeoc.gov/newsroom/pediatric-healthcare-alliance-pay-50000-settle-eeoc-retaliation-lawsuit

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