Working from home? Read this advice from physical therapists about setting up your work space.

Physical therapists are some of our favorite provider clients! The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 18.2% employment growth for physical therapists between 2019 and 2029. In that period, an estimated 47,000 jobs should open up. This is exciting news!

Physical therapists are essential providers in the health care delivery system. They often assume leadership roles in rehabilitation, prevention, health maintenance, and programs that promote health, wellness and fitness. Additionally, they develop standards for physical therapy practice and health care policy to ensure availability, accessibility, and optimal delivery of health care services.

Have you been working remotely during the pandemic? From home? Is your new office from the sofa, bed, kitchen table or kitchen counter? Read this article about how to set up your remote work space in order to avoid neck, wrist, and back aches:

And, for independent physical therapists and physical therapy practice groups - Pacific Apex Law Group is happy to assist you with any of your practice needs, including but not limited to, business formation, drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts, employment policies and benefits (every practice needs a great employee handbook!), insurance, payor disputes, revenue and reimbursement, licensing, and patient safety. Please reach out to us by calling (888) 609-8718.

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