Written Contribution by Julie McCoy - Amid Life’s Challenges, Hold True to Your Values

Updated: Aug 20

We were recently reminded of our commitment to law students and new attorneys when we read Julie McCoy's contribution to "Letters from Women in Pharmacy" published by the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP). Julie wrote this contribution while she was in law school, working full-time as a pharmacist, and raising four children. In this piece, Julie reflects on the lifelong impact of influential professors and mentors, as well as supporting those who are less fortunate, practicing gratitude, and holding true to your values. Click here to read Julie's piece:

Hold true to Your Values
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Pacific Apex Law Group is fortunate to have Julie McCoy as a partner and team member. Julie’s thoughtful leadership, in-depth knowledge of science and medicine, and service-oriented approach make Julie an exceptional attorney. If you have legal questions related to health law and life sciences, please reach out to Julie at (888) 609-8718.

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